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Published Nov 01, 20
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Beyond these intrinsic drivers for change, I observe how the balance of society keeps rapidly shifting from industrial (often physical) labor to digital (often virtual) work. In many domains of society, the unpredictability of work increases, drastically and continually. The need for the Agile paradigm is bigger than ever, and thus the value of the tangible framework of Scrum to help people and organizations increase their agility while addressing complex challenges in complex circumstances.

Organizations look for clear insights in the simple rules of Scrum as their current ways of working fail them in the Complex Novelty space. As the third Scrum wave is rising, the second edition of “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” remains the simple and straightforward compass for those that want to surf that wave. voorbeeld customer journey.

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Some of the updates in the second edition that stand out (a bit more than the other changes) within the preserved overall structure (of chapters and modules): - The definition of Agile is condensed to three key characteristics. - Observations are added on the post-chasm years of Agile. - The Scrum Game Board is slightly tweaked.

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- A Release Burn-down chart as a forecasting tactic is added. - The pictures, naming and descriptions of the included scaling tactics are improved. - The Scrum Glossary was updated. I thank Blake McMillan and Dominik Maximini for their much-appreciated review of this second edition. I thank all translators for their past and on-going efforts to spread my words in different languages.

If I have done a proper job of re-imagining my book, the second edition won’t feel like a new book. A word-by-word comparison would prove otherwise. Enjoy reading! Guntherindependent Scrum Caretaker (Thank you, Higher View, for your professional expertise in video creations) December 19th, 2018 by maurits By the end of January 2013 I was not only entering my last period of work at a large consulting company, I was also asked by Dutch publishing house Van Haren to review a manuscript of a book about Scrum.

Waardepropositie Model

I gave it a few attempts but each time I ended up not finishing the manuscript completely or fluently (wat is de waardepropositie). I found myself changing and updating the content way too much. And -most of all- I found myself not recognizing and not liking much of what I was reading. I felt bad about it (waardepropositie model).

After a few weeks of mentally running around in circles I decided to skip a detailed reading, but go through the manuscript once more and list my biggest findings. At the bottom of the still impressive list, my most important remark to the editor was to not mention my name as a reviewer in case it was decided to move forward with the publication. samenwerken.

It turned out that most reviewers were not too impressed. The publisher shared that they still saw value in a book about Scrum and asked how I envisioned a possible involvement. A quick consultation round within my network, including Ken Schwaber, helped me set aside the doubts whether I could write a book myself and got me into grabbing the opportunity.

org. I additionally found comfort in the fact that I had already published quite some articles and blog notes on Scrum. I assumed that I could easily assemble them into a book. How I was wrong! As soon as I had brought my previous publications together, the real work started, taking much, much more time than I ever could have anticipated.

My first working title was “The path of Scrum (A comprehensive travel companion)“. That changed into „Scrum Pocket Guide (A smart travel companion)“ and ended up as “Scrum – A Pocket Guide (A Smart Travel Companion)” (waardepropositie model). At the heart of my book are the (mandatory) rules of Scrum, from a deep understanding of the purpose of the rules, the main principles underlying Scrum and the Scrum Values.

Waardepropositie Model

Some historical perspective to the becoming of Scrum (and Agile) is added, while I end the book reflecting on the future state of Scrum, the challenges that lie ahead of us. waardepropositie model. I consider “discovery” and “journey” the ultimate key words in the way I wanted to present the Scrum framework.

Adopting and employing Scrum is in itself however also a journey of discovery. Hence the subtitle of my pocket guide to Scrum, “A Smart Travel Companion,” and the picture on the initial cover. When visiting the Scrum. org office in Burlington-Boston in June 2013 I shared my final manuscript with Ken, and Ken kindly agreed to write a foreword, which he delivered in August (find it below).

If you have trouble finding my book, ask Google. And my personal amazing journey as an author continued, with many unanticipated consequences of the accidental creation of my pocket guide to Scrum: - In the spring of 2016 I created a Dutch translation of my book as “Scrum Wegwijzer“. waardepropositie model. - In the fall of 2016, at the occasion of the 4th reprint, the cover of the English version got updated and I recorded a 3-minutes introduction of Scrum.

- All that time, my book remained in the best-seller list of my publisher, Van Haren (the Netherlands). - In 2018 I have created a second edition of my book. This time around it was a deliberate evolution rather than an accidental creation. Stay tuned for more news. - In 2018 several people approached me to create translations of my book.

It is quite amazing and humbling that the result of my accidental work in 2013, after 5+ years, is more alive than ever. I hope you open up my book again now in a while, to find information that is most valuable to where you are on your journey at that time.

Waardepropositie Model

Gunther has described everything about Scrum in well-formed, clearly written descriptions that flow with insight, understanding, and perception. Yet, you are never struck by these attributes. You simply benefit from them, later thinking, “That was really, really helpful. I found what I needed to know, readily understood what I wanted, and wasn’t bothered by irrelevancies.” I have struggled to write this foreword.

Canvas WaardepropositieWaarde Propositie

In this case, that is hard - waardepropositie model. Read Gunther’s book - bekijk het hier. Read it in part, or read it in whole. You will be satisfied. Scrum is simple, but complete and competent in addressing complex problems. Gunther’s pocket guide is complete and competent in addressing understanding a simple framework for addressing complex problems, Scrum.

SFIA was formally launched in 2000 and its provenance can be traced back to the 1980s and a number of collaborative skills and competency projects. waardepropositie model. SFIA is regularly updated, and has become the globally accepted common language for the skills and competencies related to information and communication technologies, digital transformation and software engineering.

People with real practical experience of developing and managing skills/competencies in corporate, public sector and educational environments from all around the world, contribute to ensuring SFIA remains relevant and true. It is built by industry and business for industry and business. It is these components that set SFIA apart from other frameworks and has resulted in its adoption by governments, corporates and individuals in almost 200 countries.

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